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To My Future Son & Daughter Part 1

Yeah, to you dear son and daughter.

Maybe it's regarding your future. You know what? Your mom sometimes love to overthink and thinking about something ahead.

I want to tell you that, I'm doesn't mind what course, what path that you will take in your future.
As long a you choose the right path and always remember Allah.

Even though your mom, are pursuing her upper secondary school in pure science stream, the foundation in physical science. Doing her bachelor degree in Civil Engineering. Also Master by coursework in Civil Engineering. (Maybe you're not interested somehow to know your mom background)

I will not insist to ask you to choose the path that I already took. But, If you like to choose the same path of mine, you are most welcome sayang.

It is no use if you further your studies in medicine, engineering, laws or any other bombastic course but you couldn't perform well or you are not fully heart doing that. But, if you couldn't perform well, it is OK to spil…